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So Why Choose ConnectUs?

At ConnectUs, we approach marketing and public relations a little differently. We take time to sit down and get to know all about your organization, your goals, your pitfalls and your needs. We're always looking out for your best interests while compiling clever ways to successfully move your products or services through the marketing chain.

We think laterally, we listen carefully and we care about your journey to success. We think outside the box, we help create your success, using your strengths and talents.

We become part of your team. We mentor, we advise and we help you market yourself, your products and your services creatively.

What you can expect from ConnectUs:  

  •  Help identifying what’s different or special about you, your products or services.
  •  Insight to turn your unique qualities into a meaningful and measurable benefit.
  •  Attention, we listen. We help you, using creativity.
  •  An action plan to motivate your target market buy your products or services.
  •  Skills to ensure you are communicating clearly.
  •  Tools to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

We ask you to give us your W3. Tell us about you and your company. Who are you? What do you need? What are you willing to share?

At ConnectUs, we love success stories and as part of your team – we can make things happen!

Philosophy is the discipline concerned with questions of how one should live. What sorts of things exist and what are their essential natures. What counts as genuine knowledge and what are the correct principles of reasoning.

For ConnectUs, our philosophy is that we are simply stewards; we are caregivers for the knowledge that we have gathered over time. We are ethical, accountable and transparent. We believe in the new culture of integrity. Who we know, what they know and how we can share that knowledge is based on permission and reciprocity. 

We are Canada’s networking experts. We use the RISE philosophy in everything we do. We build Rapport, we exchange Information, we find winning Solutions and we do it Ethically.

What we do:

We deliver keynote speeches.
We provide business coaching.
We write articles and profiles.
We facilitate workshops.
We moderate panel discussions.
We offer customized training programs.
We mentor Foreign Trained Professionals.

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