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An online publication that fosters profitable connections!

There are many definitions for love, our favourite .....

"A profound, compassionate, indefinable feeling of warmth and kindness towards people, recognizing their likable qualities. A sense of community, an underlying oneness."


Welcome to the ConnectUs Community where we "love" our clients.

Our RISE philosophy says it all, we...

  • Build Rapport
  • Share relevant and timely Information ,
  • Provide profitable Solutions


In your community, your business, and your life you need a company that cares and will take the time to get to know who you are, what you need and what you can share with others. Call ConnectUs and RISE above the competition.

The Connector is a newsletter that provides relevant and timely introductions to people, places and organizations and is sent to your email inbox at no charge.

The ConnectUs Community is a group of ordinary individuals gathered together to achieve extraordinary results. We RISE above the crowd!

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